Leadership Positions


The office of Pastor/Elder is governed by the scriptural record for the officer found in I Timothy 3:1-7.  These positions may only be filled by a man. The Pastor/Elders are responsible for the spiritual welfare and worship services of the Church.  They administer the ordinances of the Church and shall publicly extend the right hand of fellowship on behalf of the Church. They are ex-officio member of all groups, boards and committees providing spiritual oversight.  The Senior Teaching/Pastor/Elder is responsible for the preaching, teaching and spiritual welfare of the flock and is currently the only paid position in the church body.

Deacon –

The office of Deacon is governed by the scriptural record for the office found in I Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:2-5. These positions may only be filled by a man.  The Deacons assist the Elders in performing the physical administration of business to ensure the continued daily functions of the church.


The Council Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Finance Chairman/Clerk/Treasurer shall serve as the trustees for the church and act as the legal agency in contractual issues.  An Elder/Deacon shall only hold these offices.


The Church Council conducts the business of the Church, makes reports and recommendations to the Congregation and appoints committee members and special committees as needed.

Council Chairman-

The Council Chairman is responsible for the oversight and administration of the Council.  He shall serve as liaison for all committees and shall ensure the coordination and scheduling of activities.  He shall also assist the Finance Committee and serve as an ex-officio member of the Elders and all committees.  He also serves as one of the Trustees of the Church

Vice Chairman-

The Vice Chairman assist the Chairman in his duties and serve as Chairman in his absence. He also serves as one of the trustees of the Church.

Finance Chairman/Treasurer/Clerk-

The Finance Chairman provides the financial management for the church.  He is responsible for reviewing the books, annual audit, drafting the annual budget, approving vouchers, making payments on bills and  providing guidance to his committee members.  He also serves as the church clerk and is responsible for keeping the minutes of all Council, Trustee, and Congregational meetings.  He also serves as one of the trustees of the Church.

Christian Education Committee-

The C.E. committee oversees the total Christian education program, providing Biblical learning opportunities that will meet the spiritual needs of the congregation.  The committees provides curriculum and teaching materials, appoints teachers from the membership, promotes teacher training meetings, maintains attendance records, and maintains a central supply of teaching aids.

Church Life Committee-

The Church Life committee provides for the social needs of the church family.  They plan, promote and coordinate regular family nights, provide nursery care, and coordinates all social events.  The committee also provides assistance to families in time of need and provides recognition to newcomers and those leaving.

Evangelism Committee-

The Evangelism committee oversees the outreach programs of the church sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ and bringing persons to a personal faith in Him.  The committee plans, coordinates and promotes outreach activities such as the Summer Mission Program, Evangelical Films, provides tracts, visitation, and special training programs.  It also coordinates, promotes and encourages support of the missions of BBC.

Facility Committee-

The Facility Committee maintains and repairs church facilities and properties, both temporary and permanent.  The committee ensures the security of the facilities and readies it for study and worship, maintaining cleanliness of all areas.  It also provides for general repair and when necessary coordinates major repair work with outside vendors.

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