Parkside at Kilani

The developers are once again attempting to gain the permits necessary to start building next door to us.  They would like to pave the area belonging to the church where the small shed behind the buildings is currently located.  The church is agreeable to this as it would increase our parking space.   However, the area is currently zoned for landscaping, not parking.  The developers have planned a meeting with the Wahiawa Neighborhood Board to propose paving that area and designating another area for landscaping.   If you are free, we would like to have your support at this meeting.
Date: Monday, February 27, 2012
Time: 6:45pm
Place: Wahiawa District Park
At the meeting, the developers will present (1) the plans for their project, (2) the request to convert the small landscaped area to parking, and (3) the request for support from the board to remove the banyan tree on Koa Street near the proposed parking area.

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