From the Pastor’s Pen

Final Thoughts on Matthew 1:1-16

      . . . by Tamar, . . . by Rahab, . . . by Ruth, . . . by her who had been the wife of Uriah. . . . of Mary, of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ.  Matthew 1:3,5-6,16

There are five women listed in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They lived in the ancient world and yet their stories apply to us as they faced the same difficult issues of life that we face in our world today.  They experienced discouragement and dangers.  They took courageous risks and did the unexpected, trusting in God to care for them.  They were virtuous, godly women, but like all of us, they were sinners who fell short of God’s standard of perfection.  These five women were far from perfect, and yet God in His infinite grace and wisdom used them in His perfect plan to bring forth the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians, if we look to their stories and apply them to our lives, we will find that the lessons we can learn from them are as applicable today as they were in their day.

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