From the Pastor’s Pen

Final thoughts on Mark 16:9

Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons.            NKJV

Mary Magdalene was the victim of a terrible evil . She was possessed by not just one demon, but seven. These dreadful fallen angels caused much pain and filth to her poor body in which they had taken up residence. Hers was a horrible and hopeless case. She could not rescue herself, nor could any human attempt at deliverance save her. But Jesus passed that way, and unsought, and likely even resisted by the poor demon possessed woman, He spoke a word of power, and Mary Magdalene became the beneficiary of the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ . All seven of the demons departed from her body, never to return, forcibly cast out by the omnipotent Lord of all creation. What a blessed deliverance! What a joyful transformation! From possession to peace, from despair to delight, from hell to heaven!

Immediately after her deliverance, Mary became a constant follower of Jesus, listening for His every word, following in His wondering path, sharing in the trials of His life; and in all things she became His generous helper, first among that band of healed and grateful women who ministered unto Him with whatever possessions they had. When Jesus suffered on the cross, Mary remained at Calvary.  We find her looking on from a distance, and then drawing near to the foot of His cross. She could not die on the cross with Jesus, but she stood as near to it as she could, and when His crucified body was taken down, she watched to see how and where it was laid to rest. She was the faithful and watchful believer, last at the tomb where Jesus body was deposited, first at the grave from which He arose. Her exceeding faithfulness made her a favored beholder of her beloved Lord, who called her by her name, and made her His messenger of good news  to the trembling Apostles.

Grace found Mary Magdalene a maniac and made her a minister, cast out demons and gave her to behold angels, delivered her from Satan, and united her forever to the Lord Jesus. May I also be such a miracle of grace!            Charles H. Spurgeon

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