Parkside at Kilani Update

The following information was emailed from one of the developers named Alvin.  It primarily concerns the removal of the large banyan tree.

“We will make best efforts to notify the Kilani/Koa/Kellog/Ipuhao residents of the “Informational Presentation” to NB26 on April 16.  As this time, we are requesting assistance from DPP to resolve the tree removal versus preservation issue.  Pursuant to a signed and recorded Agreement made by and between the City and the previous developer, it was agreed that the developer construct new county grade sidewalks, curbs, and cutters on Koa Street and Kilani Avenue.  But, the diameters of the tree trucks on Koa Street are significant enough to cause a blockage problem for pedestrians.   Thus, we are hoping that DPP will have a solution or mitigating off-site plans for Koa Street.  If DPP determines that the trees are to be removed and construction proceed as planned, then we are hoping that WNB26 and Wahiawa residents understand that we are obligated to comply with the terms and conditions of the recorded Agreement together with off-site plans determined by the City.

Personally, I think that the trees should be removed and replaced with new smaller trees set in sidewalk tree wells that are ADA compliant.  I had a similar situation with another project in Honolulu, and I was able to gain support from the Neighborhood Board for the removal-replacement plan (see attached photos).   If there is an opportunity, I will make that suggestion.  However, it should be noted that the City has the final say.


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