From the Pastor’s Pen

Final thoughts on Mark 9:30-32

. . . He did not want anyone to know it.  For He taught His disciples . . .  NKJV

In this passage, Jesus slips past the ever present throngs into a place of solitude with His disciples so that He might teach them privately about the purpose of His first coming and thus correct their misunderstandings and pre-conceptions.  In order to learn the deeper spiritual truths the Lord has for us, it is imperative that we spend time alone with Him.

By far the most efficient way to learn something is through private tutelage.  It is a lot more difficult to grasp what a teacher is teaching when there are other voices and distractions.

It is appalling at how little most Christians know of the word of God.  The reason why is simple; we do not spend enough time in it.  How often do you set aside a quiet devotional time with the Lord in prayer and Bible Study?

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